disaster recovery

The Best Backup

Whether it be ransomware, a natural disaster, user error or simple hardware failure, backups are an absolute must in today’s IT world. Yet, a surprising number of companies wrongly think that something like mirrored drives are enough, or someone remembering to plug in a USB drive each day will save the day. Nope. When we set out to design a backup system that was resilient to all forms of failure, some said that there was no such thing as a perfect backup.

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How to Beat Ransomware

The mainstream news has been falling over themselves to report on the ransomware attack that, most prominently, hit the UK’s NHS. While the 24-hour news cycle will surely forget about this in coming days and weeks, it is something that is always forefront in the mind of any good technologist. Of course, the question on everyone else’s mind is: what can we do to stop these attacks? While there is no single answer that fits every business, there are certainly some basic steps everyone should take.

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