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Setup Employees to Work from Home

Setup Employees to Work from Home or Remotely As winter sets in across West Michigan, some businesses in our area, especially lake shore communities of Muskegon, Grand Haven and Holland, seek advice on allowing their employees to work from home. As a pretty nice perk, this not only removes the need for employees to slip-n-slide on ice covered roads, but can also attract a younger workforce accustomed to location flexibility.

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Internet Speeds and Business Operations

How fast is your Internet connection? Fifty megabits? One hundred megabits? A sad seven megabits? Any of those answers would only be partially correct. The often quoted speed of an Internet connection is typically the downstream or download speed. There is another number that has a significant impact on the performance of business Internet connections: the upstream speed. While true that a large portion of what you do on the Internet is “downloading”, other things such as sending emails, uploading files to customers, and transferring data between multi-site businesses use the upstream portion of your Internet connection.

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'The Cloud' for Small Businesses

Small and medium business owners often ask us about “the cloud”. Usually their questions revolve around how cloud services might fit into their business. Of course, we in the IT world have a sayings: there is no cloud, just other people’s computer. Let me explain. In its most basic sense, “the cloud” refers to a set of IT services - servers, networking, firewalls, etc. - that reside in a data center somewhere.

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