Our Process

The First Step

If you think your business could benefit from our services, contact us for more information. We’d be happy to sit down with you and learn more about how your business works, and how technology fits into the overall picture. If we decide a partnership is worth exploring, the first step is a formal Systems Analysis.

During a Systems Analysis we’ll meet with stake holders in your organization and review processes, procedures and the technology that binds it all together. We’ll also take an inventory of your current hardware, software, licensing and services. The end result will be a deliverable detailing all our findings and recommendations, and a proposal for any changes we feel are needed.

If, at this point, either party doesn’t feel it is worthwhile to move forward, no problem! You’ll have a valuable document you can use to shape your own I.T. future, and we’ll have generated a little revenue for our company. (Yes, we bill for this service since it isn’t some sales-freebie that we’re using to rope you in.)

Business Technology Partnership

As your business technology partner, though, we can bring significant value to your company. We believe that IT shouldn’t be just a cost center, but rather a valuable tool that businesses can use as an advantage over their competition. We even take on some of the risk by offering our services at a fixed price.

We can do that because decades of experience in IT has taught us the right formula. Not a formula to calculate price, but the formula to create a predictable, low risk IT infrastructure. Sure, good hardware is important, but more so than that is educating the user base so they know how to use the tools they’re given, supporting them well, and building an IT process within our clients customized to their businesses.

Standard Offering

There are some key components that make up our formula that we talked a little about above.

  • Unlimited Support – All support requests are answered first by senior engineers. This upside-down approach to support results in more consistent and faster answers for our customers. We avoid engineer burnout by implementing standardized environment, heavy on automation, and train users so their experts in their own right.
  • End User Training – We noticed that, in no other job, are users given tools worth thousands of dollars and not given training on how to use them. That’s why part of our standard offering is on-demand training in popular software packages such as Office 365. We also perform phishing tests and provide cybersecurity awareness training to secure the human-vector of cyber attacks.
  • Technology Consulting – Having access to experts that know both business and technology is a key factor in ensuring I.T. exists to support the business, not the other way around. As other businesses evolve to include technologies such as data mining, machine learning and other advanced technologies, it is important to us that our clients have access to the same tools.
  • Customer Documentation Portal – Our transparent documentation portal ensures that our customers always have a window into the same information we use to maintain their systems. Quick, and self-serve access to documentation, we feel, is important to a healthy client-provider relationship.
  • Fully Managed On and Off Site Backup – Good backups are important, and they should be a solved item, yet we still run into companies with broken, untested and failed backups. We implement a backup system that allows us to sleep well at night, knowing we’re the ones that will get the call when something catastrophic happens. The buck truly stops here.
  • Multi Faceted Cybersecurity Suite – It seems like we can never do enough to protect I.T. systems from viruses, malware and ransomware. It comes down to layers of protection: anti-malware software, web and network filtering, intrusion detection, email link scanning, and firewalls are all part of our standard. And of course, we include user training to round it out. We protect our clients’ network like they’re our own.
  • Automated Software Patching – Everyone uses a lot of different software on their computers and keeping it all up to date and patched is quite a job. And how do we know that little “update me” popup is actually from the vendor and not some malware bait. We eliminate this burden by automatically patching most common software, and can create custom patches where needed.
  • Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance – Just like your car’s onboard computer is constantly making adjustments, so does our management software. But unlike your car’s “check engine” light, we get sent a “check computer” light so we can fix problems before productivity is affected.

How Much Does It Cost?

We used to have our pricing on our website, but nobody looked at it. Believe it or not, our blog articles and contact us page received far more hits. After some thought, we came to the conclusion that people were more interested in quality and knowledge than how much it cost. So we replaced the pricing page with a little pitch on our introductory process.

What has remained the same though is that we are engineers not sales people. Reach out to setup a no-obligation meeting and if nothing else we’ll get a chance to learn how your business uses technology in its processes.