I.T. Support Can Be Inexpensive

Why Are You So Cheap? We get asked how we are able to offer so many IT services for such a small monthly cost. Usually, this is after a prospect has interviewed other IT support firms, gotten quotes, and then brought us in. When it comes to IT support and services, we keep our costs low, use proven technologies, handle things in a procedural and automated fashion, focus only on things that bring value to our clients, and target clients that value us and IT.

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MSP vs IT Consultant

Sometimes we get the question “what’s the difference between a managed services provider and a consultant?” The answer is somewhat difficult, because the borders between the two blur. An MSP that follows the “norm” will offer a certain set of IT services in the form of a product. They install remote management and monitoring software (RMM), some form of antivirus, perhaps a backup solution, and other packages. Most times, they purchase these from a software company that specializes in offerings to MSP’s, and resell them at a markup for a monthly fee.

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