Unlimited Support

Your users will have the answers they need, and you won’t be surprised by the bill.


Microsoft 365 Business, and the training to use it well, is included in our offering. Work from anywhere, on any device, securely.

Backup/Disaster Recovery

Everybody does backups, right? It’s the restore that actually matters. An untested backup isn’t a backup at all.


We take the time to learn your business to build a complete I.T. strategy.


We train users not to click on risky links, install tech to stop it when they do, and build in redundancies to return you to production ASAP.

Single Source I.T.

If we can’t handle something, we find a provider or product that can. We want to be the first call, and the only call you have to make.

Transparent Process

All our partnerships start with a consulting engagement. We do a complete review of your systems, prove ourselves with a deliverable, and we decide together how to proceed.

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Windows 7 End-of-Support & Licensing Options

on April 26, 2019

As you may already know, Microsoft will end support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. Depending on which survey you read, there are currently still about as many Windows 7 systems deployed in business as there are Windows 10. (Studies that show Windows 10 ahead by a wide margin typically include home-user systems.) Business software conditions often lag the leading edge due to stability and cost concerns. Fortunately, both Microsoft and Foreground, a Microsoft Partner, have your back.

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I.T. Is Not Part of Accounting

on February 5, 2019

History of IT Departments It is no secret that computers crunch numbers. So, it was natural that one of the first fields in which they were widely used was accounting. Computers probably have saved billions in dollars over the years by making accountants’ lives easier. It was therefore natural, for many years in business, to consider the computer department, or in modern parlance, the IT department, part of Accounting. We’re here to tell you that it is time to ditch this archaic concept, and your business may depend on it.

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I.T. Support Can Be Inexpensive

on January 31, 2019

Why Are You So Cheap? We get asked how we are able to offer so many IT services for such a small monthly cost. Usually, this is after a prospect has interviewed other IT support firms, gotten quotes, and then brought us in. When it comes to IT support and services, we keep our costs low, use proven technologies, handle things in a procedural and automated fashion, focus only on things that bring value to our clients, and target clients that value us and IT.

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Setup Employees to Work from Home

on December 5, 2018

Setup Employees to Work from Home or Remotely As winter sets in across West Michigan, some businesses in our area, especially lake shore communities of Muskegon, Grand Haven and Holland, seek advice on allowing their employees to work from home. As a pretty nice perk, this not only removes the need for employees to slip-n-slide on ice covered roads, but can also attract a younger workforce accustomed to location flexibility.

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